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Why can’t ketchup and bacon just get along? They’re good together, especially with some KD.


can you feel the canadian?


A moment of silence for the macaroni and cheese Kevin never gets to eat in Home Alone.

By the looks of this MMS convo, Butter and Noodles make the perfect match. What’s the perfect match for your KD?

Protect your bowl, guard your cupboards, because Marc the Cheese Viking is coming to plunder your KD stash!

Don’t even try to take Tyler’s KD! Also, Our KD Caricature artist is still looking for a few more KD fans to doodle. Submit a pic of you enjoying some KD, and you might end up with your very own KD Caricature.

Debbie submitted her favourite KD enjoyment pic and check out how our KD caricature artist brought it to life.

Introducing the Macaroni Messaging Service: cheesy conversations right at your fingertips. #KDMMS

The KD Caricature Booth is open for business! Check out KD Wiz Robert’s pic. 

Here’s a bowl of fun for all you sandcastle architects out there!

Miniature umbrellas or KD Summer Bowls? You decide.

Congrats to Christine who won our KD Let Your Fun Out Selfie challenge. Noodleflage never looked so fun.

Want to get in on the fun? Check out KD on Twitter to enter the next challenge —- https://twitter.com/kraftdinner

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Hungry for KD? Dive right in with today’s KD Summer Bowl.